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Technical Overview

South Shaolin Hakka Dragon Mantis Kung Fu San Shou :

The "South Shaolin Hakka Dragon Mantis Kung Fu San Shou" a style relies on a variety of fighting techniques that can be employed for a wide range of need. This style uses techniques that can cripple or kill an opponent, if the need arises or it can be used simply to control a minor street fighting situation. The Dragon form and the Mantis form focuses mainly on powerful short range attacks. However the Dragon style uses the crippling and seizing techniques while the Praying Mantis system emphasis on the techniques of sticky hands by the use of forearms with the elbow tucked into the chest, claws like fingers and quick explosive actions creates an image of a real Praying Mantis. The Southern Dragon Kung-Fu practitioners typically attacks with powerful and quick movements while striking with the fist by generating power from the feet is guided by the waist flows through the body. So, as per the Golden Rule of Kung-Fu it is proved that -

"The true Kung-Fu is rooted
In the feet
Strength developed in the thighs
Directed by the waist and
Finishes through the fingers."