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Southern Dragon Kung-Fu :

The Dragon style is an imitative style that was developed on the imaging characteristics of the mythical Chinese Dragon. It is an amalgamation of several creatures’ like- Chinese alligator, python, and tiger, eagle and monitor lizards. The Southern Dragon Kung Fu style has roots in Hakka Kuen which established during 18th century in Guang-Dong and Fujian province.

Southern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu :

It is a Chinese Martial Art native to the Hakka people Southern Praying Mantis style as Hakka-Kuen practiced by the Hakka community in eastern Guang-Dong and later practiced by over-sea Hakka communities. This style of fighting is completely unrelated to the Northern Praying Mantis style. In terms of History and Techniques the ‘Southern Praying Mantis’ is more closely associated with fellow Hakka styles such as- Dragon, Bak-Mei, White Crane, Wing-Chun and etc.

The Southern Praying Mantis emphasis on close range fighting. This system is known for its short and devastating power generating methods and has aspects of the both internal and external.