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Southern Dragon-Mantis Kung-Fu

A scientific approach while practicing Chinese Martial Arts i.e. Kung-Fu San-Shou properly along with the supporting exercises like- Gymnastics, Aerobics, Body Toning and Yoga, one practitioner must be careful about his/her diet to burn calories to achieve the gains out of practicing these items.

While practicing Aerobic type of exercise like- Running, Cycling, Swimming etc must know that these exercises develop efficiency of the body in terms of endurance capacity (Max VO2). This is the capacity to do the work for the extended period of time. Aerobic means using Oxygen, and refers to the efficiency of the body in its use of Oxygen. VO2 is a highest volume of Oxygen one consumes per minute.

Kung-Fu San-Shou is very much related with Gymnastics items which enable us to speed up with required agility, flexibility, suppleness and to develop quick reflex. Though to learn Gymnastics mainly the floor exercise parts, one must be of a tender age group from 5yrs to 12yrs. At the early age a child has his/her high secretion of Pituitary Gland which helps to gain height with strong bone structure. At this age one child must have proper diet with calcium and phosphorus in proper to avoid decalcification and cavity.

Body Toning helps us to moderate our physical condition i.e. Body mass proportionate with Height. While practicing San-Shou (Free Combat) one must be flexible and well built to win the combat with tremendous speed, stamina, and physical power to knock opponent down. So, to achieve this one must follow the theory (Mass X Acceleration = Impact).

Every Martial Artist must be practicing Yoga as unaerobic exercise (postures and breathing exercise) to modify the Endocrine Glands to purify the blood added with the supply of Oxygen. Yoga helps us to care and to cure our physique and our physical ailments.

So, to be genuine Martial Artist one must learn from his/her teacher the proper internal and external exercise patterns based on his/her physical/clinical data.