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Since, I used to practice ‘Karate’ at the age of 15 years, I found that ‘Karate’ and its systems were very charming to perform. At that age I found its techniques are very much enjoyable to win over the opponent very easily. But as a sports event, it has got some rules to maintain throughout the fight, which haunted me while in any fighting situations came before me in the street or in the school, where I found people are fighting with each other haphazardly. They usually punch and kick with full force anywhere in the body even while lying on the ground. So, my second thought forces me to think about the reality. And finally I decided to change my style to a lifestyle. I switched over to Chinese Martial Arts.

In ‘Chinese Martial Art’, so far ‘Dragon-Mantis Kung-Fu’ style is concerned, I found a different attitude, a strength delivery system, and a different body language with a scientific clarification, a ‘Chi-Power’ development and the aesthetic values with enormous variation of applications. It’s a very charming style to learn as well as to perform which develops the physical strength, devastating power application and develops the will power.

My personal opinion is if anyone starts learning ‘Kung-Fu’ with the object of earning will lose the battle. Unless, he is motivated to learn its secret values, he will never see the horizon. So, as per the great legend ‘Bruce Lee’ ----

“Kung Fu is not a game,
It’s a fighting method- in general
But actually it’s a philosophy of life;
It’s a style of a style in itself.”

It is most fortunate for me that I had come in contact with Sifu Atanu Basu and have enrolled in ‘Indo-Shaolin Kung-Fu Society’ at DumDum in 2012 to learn ‘South Shaolin Hakka Dragon Mantis Kung Fu San Shou’ degree course where I found the heaven and hell difference between the other organizations and the teaching process. First of all, the authenticity of the Kung-Fu style itself with the philosophy, history and the technicalities of the style with its applications which is rare and unavailable in India. Moreover, along with the Chinese Martial Art Sifu Atanu Basu is unparallel to me as he taught me Athletics, Aerobics, Hatha Yoga, Gymnastics, Body Toning, Chi-Kung, Meditation, Iron Palm and Body Seasoning techniques. The specialty of Sifu Atanu Basu is, when he taught any of the above subjects, he never forget to teach the theoretical part i.e. the Philosophy and the Physiology along with the mythology where it’s related. I never found a master with such a depth of knowledge with such versatility. I wish to learn these subjects from Sifu Atanu Basu as long as I keep myself engaged with this organization of so many subjects under one banner. I appeal to the Martial Art lovers and enthusiasts to learn and utilize the art not only in competition, fight or so but also to enjoy it’s values in real life.If anyone have patience, will power and the urge to learn properly then join us.

From the desk of: Si-Suk Pritam Basak(Asst. Instructor)