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Welcome to Indo-Shaolin Kung-Fu Society

Under a research and development project since 1985 we, as promoter of this South Shaolin Hakka Dragon Mantis Kung Fu San Shou a Chinese Boxing style, successfully launched the systematic course with long and elaborate research work in the Indian climate, culture and diet along with the mental development by the essence of Buddhism and Yogic theories and philosophy under the auspicious of INDO-SHAOLIN KUNG FU SOCIETY.

Our belief:

"My sons, here is the wholesome teachings
Wisdom hidden.... is wasted,
Is treasure that never sees the light
Of the day;
Silence is reality used when it makes folly,
Not when it is the grave of wisdom."

___ Ancient Chinese Scripture

We are very much privileged and grateful to the Hakka Chinese Community who is dwelling in India, West Bengal, Kolkata since 1870. The Hakka community established their leather manufacturing unit in South Tangra near Park Circus, EM Bypass in 1901 where almost 500 Chinese family dwell named as Chinaman. The entire area around 1.25 square kilometers where this Hakka Chinese people are having their business of leather tanneries and Chinese restaurants. Most of them are Buddhist and rests are Christian and Muslim.

The Chinese are educating their selves in Pei Mei Chinese School for Chinese language and Ling Lang English Medium School for English version. Rabindranath Tagore is their most demanded poet as reported. The Chinese New Year festival which takes place in January/February is most enjoyable occasion for the Chinese along with 15th August, 26th January, 23rd January and Buddha Purnima.
But along with all these, the Chinese community was well projected and focused in the field of Chinese physical art and culture - “ as one of the Chinese personality named Late Kien Seong Yung who taught Chinese Mantis Kung-Fu to the Chinese and Indian people since 1975 and left behind many disciples. Amongst whom Sifu Atanu Basu is the first achiever of Master Degree Black Sash under his teacher ship in 1987, and who is the only authorized Instructor to conduct Kung-Fu classes in Kolkata, "Dum Dum Indo-Shaolin Kung-Fu Society", as inaugurated by Sifu K.S.Yung in 1986.

General Members

1. Every member must fill up the enrollment form along with clinical data-sheet with consent of his/her parents/legal guardian duly signed at the time of enrollment.

2. Every member must produce a fit certificate and pathological report if required/demanded by the authority.

3. Every member must submit the KYC at the time of enrollment.

4. Every member must pay the Monthly Fee, Admission Fee and Registration Fee at the time of enrollment in advance.

5. Every member must pay their Monthly Fee within 5th of every month.

6. Failing which every member must pay Rs.10/- as late fine per week.

7. The late fine will be excused only in case of acute medical ground or examination, prior sufficient document to be produced if demanded.

8. In case of absence in the classes for consecutive 2 months minimum then his/her name will be written off from the register.

9. The Registration Fee is valid for 1 year only and Admission Fee is valid for 6 months only.

10. To utilize the Registration Fee and Admission Fee a member can renew/revive his/her membership by paying the 50% of the total dues due to absence.

11. Every member must produce the documents of medical treatment/examination schedule at the time of application for temporary leave.

12. Every member must have Accidental Insurance and Mediclaim Insurance if he/she pays interest to participate in Adventurous/Free Combat Sessions/Competitions/Camps.

13. Every member must pay and collect the proposed uniform for different courses schedule by paying Rs.600/-[photo] or Rs.400/- [photo] as specified.

14. Every member must follow the Class rules, grading rules.

15. Every member must report in writing on any grievance, suggestions and complains, if any.

Indo-Shaolin Kung Fu Society.Dum Dum,

H.O.:- 2/1,Rishi Bankim Chandra Road
Dum Dum Kolkata-700028
Email:- sifuabasu.ind@gmail.com
Dial: +91 9830 374 571 / +91 8420 402 689


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