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Affiliated Members

1. A Technical Person/Non Technical Person can apply for an Affiliation as a Technical Director as an Organizer.

2. Any style dealing with Chinese Martial art with specific style name which is not dealing with any anti-socialism, vulgarism or terrorism will be authorized and affiliated under Indo-Shaolin Kung-Fu Society.

3. Affiliation charges for any particular style/organization for
a) Unit Affiliation Charge ---- 
          type 1 ---- Organizer Level                           Rs. 500/-    (30 : 70)
          type 2 ---- Sub Instructor Level                    Rs. 1000/-  (40 : 60)
b) Area Affiliation Charge (Asst. Instructor)            Rs. 2000/-  (50 : 50)
c) District Affiliation Charge (Junior Instructor)        Rs. 3000/-  (60 : 40)
d) State Affiliation Charge (Senior Instructor)          Rs. 5000/-   (70 : 30)
4. Any person applied for an affiliation will be judged by the authority on the basis of his/her merit, previous experience, qualification (rank) before issuing the affiliation for Unit/Area/District/State.

5. Any person want to train South Shaolin Hakka Dragon-Mantis Kung-Fu San-Shou in any affiliated unit or district must have valid certificate from Indo-Shaolin Wang-Lung Kung-Fu Temple and recommended by Indo-Shaolin Kung-Fu Society.

6. Every affiliated Unit/Area/District/State must pay the following charges to the Indo-Shaolin Kung Fu Society Head Quarter:
a) Registration Fees ---- 100%
b) Gradation Fees ---- 50%
c) Cost of Logo, Identity Card, ---- 100%
d) Cost of ranking certificate/participation certificate will be in the account of Indo-Shaolin Kung-Fu Society Head Quarter.

7. All the Technical Person/Chief Technical Director of any Unit/Area/District/State will be entitled to be a Technical Committee Member automatically as soon as he/she is an authorized affiliated Unit In-charge.

8. Such person/technical director will have some rights and duties as follows -----
a) He/She can join the Judging Course.
b) He/She can join the Training Camp.
c) He/She can join Workshop and Demonstration and Competitions.
d) He/She can place his/her opinion in the General Meeting.
e) Technical Directors can be deployed for a temporary/part-time coaching class.
9. The Development Fees, Uniform Fees will be in the account of affiliated Units/Areas/Districts/States.

10. The authority of Indo-Shaolin Kung-Fu Society will not be responsible for any accident, mismanagement or any un-natural situation take place in any Unit/Area/District/State.

11. Any affiliated Unit/Area/District/State can organize the Kung-Fu Promotional Camp twice in a year with prior permission and submission of project along with the license fees Rs. 2000/- payable in advance.

12. The member of Indo-Shaolin Wang-Lung Kung-Fu Temple who is authorized to be an Affiliated Instructor must pay the percentage of monthly fees to the head quarter according to his/her rank/grade as follows -----
a) Assistant Instructor ---- 50%
b) Junior Instructor ---- 40%
c) Senior Instructor ---- 30%
13. The affiliation will be rejected if the number of Units under-
a) 1 Area is less than 2 units min.
b) 1 District is less than 5 units min.
c) 1 Sate is less than 25 units min.
In two years span besides the proper reason is established.
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